Archive 2017


Biosphere: Compilation 1991–2004
BIO7  2xCD / Digital, Biophon Records 2017.
Out on November 20th 2017. 
Distributed by Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America. 

bio27lp shenzhou

Biosphere: Shenzhou [Reissue with bonus album]. 
BIO27 3xLP / 2xCD / Digital, Biophon Records 2017.
Out on December 8th 2017. 


Biosphere: Black Mesa [Spieltape Remix]
BIO29R Digital only, Biophon Records 2017.
Out on September 15th 2017. 
This download comes with the previously unreleased track Dignity Village


Biosphere: The Petrified Forest mini-album.
 BIO30CD/LP/Digital, Biophon Records 2017.
Out on May 12th 2017. 
Distributed by 
Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America. 

The Petrified Forest is inspired by the movie of the same name, released in 1936 and directed by Archie Mayo. Alan Squier, a failed, world-weary British writer, hikes into an isolated, weather-beaten desert diner in Arizona owned by Jason Marple. Jason's daughter, Gabrielle is immediately taken with the disillusioned intellectual, since they share idealistic dreams of escaping the stark reality of their lives.


black mesa - single

Biosphere: Black Mesa - Limited edition numbered 7-inch single, 500 copies.
Also available as 24-bit digital files. 
BIO29.7, Biophon Records 2017.
Out on April 21st. 2017. 
Distributed by Kudos

Biosphere: Substrata [Reissue with bonus album] [BIO28CD], Biophon Records 2017.
Out on January 13th. 2017. 
The double LP [BIO5LP] will be back in stock around the same time.
Distributed by Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America.