Last updated: 13. December 2016.

Biosphere: Substrata [Reissue with bonus album] [BIO28CD], Biophon Records 2017.
Out on January 13th. 2017. 
The double LP [BIO5LP] will be back in stock around the same time.
Distributed by Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America. 

Biosphere Cirque Cover SMALL

Biosphere: Cirque [Reissue with bonus album] [BIO26CD/LP], Biophon Records 2016.
Out on November 11th. on double CD.
The triple LP will be available at the end of December.
Distributed by 
Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America. 

Fact Magazine, Sept 27.

Resident Advisor, Sept 27.

departed glories

Out on September 23rd. 

Biosphere: Departed Glories 2xLP/CD, STS281, Smalltown Supersound 2016.

img 0577 small

Out on June 10th. 

Biosphere: Patashnik [Reissue with bonus album] [BIO4CD/LP], Biophon Records 2016.
Distributed by Kudos in Europe and Forced Exposure in America. 

img 1799 hilvarenbeek

Biosphere: The Hilvarenbeek Recordings [BIO25D], Biophon Records 2016. 

The Fires of Ork 1

Two re-issues out now on Biophon Records: 
Pete Namlook and Geir Jenssen 
The Fires of Ork [BIO23D]
The Fires of Ork 2 [BIO24D]